The Best eSIM For Travellers.

The Best eSIM For Travellers.

Coverage in over 100 countries and supports both data and voice calls.

Select Your Destination

How to use Aerobile eSIM service?

Step 1. Make sure your
device is eSIM compatible.

Dial *#06#, if there’s “EID” exists, your device supports eSIM. Congratulation! Now, please proceed to the following steps.

Step 2. Purchase the eSIM
from Aerobile.

Select the destination you’d like to visit, choose the plan and finish the payment. You should receive the QR code within 10 minutes.

Step 3. Scan the QR code you
received from Aerobile.

Just easily scan and follow the instruction to finish the installation, wait till the service activated, and eveything will be fine!


The Most Reliable 

Travel eSIM Provider

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