USA T-mobile Prepaid daily-Unlimited 4G/5G Data, Calls, Texts

USA T-mobile Unlimited data and voice and texts for 6-28 days.


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  1. 【Network】
    • T-mobile
  2. 【Daily Plan】
    • Unlimited LTE/4G/5G high speed data in USA.
      (*If you use your unlimited data plan in any manner that is prohibited or affect other users, T-mobile can limit, restrict, suspend or terminate your Data Service. You could read the agreement here.)
    • Mobile Hotspot is available for USA with 3G speed only, which is very slow.
    • Unlimited call and text to USA when you are in USA.
    • We know that emergency might happen, if you’d like to extend the service, please process 48 hours before your plan ends.
  3. 【Return Policy】
    • Once the QR code is email to the customer, the order cannot be returned or refunded.
  4. 【Special Notes】
    • Please enter the date you want the e-sim to be activated.
    • The activation might take 24-48 hours to complete, please make sure to place order at least 48 hours before your trip.
    • Please make sure your device supports e-sim and is unlocked or we won’t be able to refund due to device issue.
    • Our e-sim is under a special account that only we can manage. Please do NOT visit T-mobile store or website regarding your e-sim unless we ask you to do so. Attempting to mange the account through T-mobile store or its website might lead to service termination and we will NOT refund the order.





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USA T-mobile Prepaid daily-Unlimited 4G/5G Data, Calls, Texts
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