What are the best eSIMs for travel?

One of the best eSIM for international travelers is the eSIM from Aerobile. Aerobile eSIM offers products covers more than 100 countries and some eSIMs even support both data and voice calls. You can purchase the eSIM online and activate it through a QR code, which is easy to install.

For those who prefer to roaming with well-known carriers, Aeroible provides the options of using the eSIMs from major providers like AT&T, T-Mobile eSIM, Orange eSIM, AIS, and etc. These carriers offer international eSIM allowing you to use while traveling in US, Europe, or Asia.

No matter which eSIM you choose, it’s important to make sure your device supports eSIM before purchasing(Check the list here). Once you’ve confirmed that, using an eSIM for travel is a convenient and cost-effective way that can help you stay connected no matter where you travel.

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